Inspired by Our Newest “Class”

If you have ever doubted the level of compassion and caring in our community, if you ever think today’s world has sunk to new lows of selfishness, consider this evidence to the contrary:

IMG_3125At the most recent tutor training session for the Volunteer English Program, 28 people came from all over Chester County to learn how to teach English as a second language to adult immigrants.  Our tutors work one-to-one with another adult, twice a week for  1 ½ hours per session.  They make a commitment of one year, yet most tutors and students work together for longer than a year.  Quick math: that’s about 150 hours in a year that these 28 generous men and women were prepared to give.  And it never ceases to amaze me.

As one who trains these new volunteers, and as one who went through the same tutor training session 6 years ago, I am always entirely impressed by the people eager to be tutors.  They come from all walks of life, in all stages of adulthood.  There are young moms who want to help while their kids are at school.  Retirees from all fields of work who still have so much to offer their community.  College students with busy schedules who think of helping others.  Busy full-time professionals with compassion for others’ struggles.

In this particular class we met a massage therapist, an MBA in the insurance business, IMG_3108several RNs, a benefits specialist, some students from West Chester University, a retired audiologist, several at-home moms, just to name a few.  What an array of talents and real-life perspectives to offer our many students!

On the first night of every 3-night training session we go around the room and hear each trainee tell why they came and why they want to tutor.  Each and every time, I am blown away.  Yes, indeed. They’re out there, folks: lots of generous, caring people who want to help another individual and strengthen our community at the same time.  Maybe you will be part of the next class?

by Patty Rappazzo Morgioni, program coordinator


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