I am Nuha

This post is part of a series of student responses to our question, “What has the Volunteer English Program meant to you?”Untitled-1

“I am Nuha from Iraq.  We are six people in my family. I have four children and my husband. We lived a good life when we were in Iraq before the war. My husband was a professor at the university, and he had a private office where he worked as a bridge designer. My oldest daughter was studying medicine when we were in Iraq. She needed one and a half years to become a doctor. Two years ago, she graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a major in Biology. My second daughter graduated from Swarthmore College and her major was Pre-Med. And my third daughter will graduate in October from Cabrini University and her major is Math. Hayder, that is my son, is in the second year at Penn State, and his major is Computer Engineering.

“I came to the US in 2008 as a refugee and I couldn’t speak English well. I felt lonely and I hated my life because I couldn’t share when people talked. My friends wanted to help me to learn English, and one of them called me and said she found a good program for me to learn English. She gave me the telephone number for the Volunteer English Program. I called them and I made an appointment with them. I went with my husband, because I couldn’t go alone because I couldn’t understand what the people said. I met the Program Manager and she offered me herself to start with me as a teacher because she didn’t find a volunteer to teach me. This lady helped me to speak and she gave me confidence to speak with people. She invited me to do a workshop and we did a CV for me that helped me to find a job. When I was looking for work as a volunteer, I asked to work in the VEP office. They accepted that, and I worked with them. That gave me more confidence, because they taught me how to print and do copying, which also helped me to find a job.

“I am working now and have applied to study in college. Soon I will be able to apply for citizenship, and I hope to become a US citizen in 2013. I will never forget these angels at Volunteer English Program, because they brought happiness to my life.”


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