English4U Fun Run/Walk

Little did you know that you could support the Volunteer English Program (VEP) and get healthier at the same time.

Join VEP at our “English4U” 5K Run/2.5K Walk. In fact, why not make this a family, neighborhood, church, or company affair and invite all your friends to attend. 

Folks of all ages will be participating. Kids are more than welcome (the entry fee for kids under 12 is less expensive) and there will be prizes for the 16 & under group, too. 

The Race/Walk will be held on Saturday, September 15 in West Chester and will start at 3:00 pm at the  Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, 3 West Gay Street, West Chester. You have a choice: you can either strut your stuff in the 5K Race, or saunter your stuff in the 2.5K Walk. Either way, you will have fun, do your body a good deed, and help support the Volunteer English Program all at the same time.

Plus, you can receive a prize for being one of the top three winners in your age group, or get a keepsake, collector’s quality Run/Walk T-shirt absolutely free just for registering in advance. Either way, you’re a winner.

Registering is easy. Go to the VEP website www.volunteerenglish.org/  and pre-register online by September 1st to automatically get your T-shirt in the size of your choice on race day.  Or you can sign-up on race day at Iron Hill Brewery, West Chester, at  2:00 pm on September 15th; however, you may not be guaranteed a T-shirt.

After the race, join all the VEP English4U runners and walkers at the Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant for an after-run celebration. Complimentary snacks and camaraderie included.  Toast the winners and yourself for supporting VEP!

You’re guaranteed to have fun supporting the Volunteer English Program’s work teaching English to adults in our community.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends at the Race/Walk on September 15.

From the planning committee for the English4U run/walk.


A New Tutor’s Experience

As I have said here before, one of the most wonderful parts of our job is hearing about the experiences of our tutors and students.  At tutor training, a room full of new volunteers look at us with a bit of fear or lack of confidence, but within weeks of meeting with their students, they are realizing their ability to help and the impact of their volunteered time with an extremely grateful student.

The following is a recent report from Pam McGillian, a new tutor, regarding her student’s progress.

“My student and I, after only 4 sessions, have established a comfortable, humorous rapport and indeed, a budding friendship along with working towards her stated goals. She has told me a lot about herself and, among other things, we share an interest in politics.

“Towards her goals of improving listening skills and knowledge of idioms, last week I gave her the first 2 DVDs of The West Wing (WW) along with an assignment to write about a particular character. She LOVES WW (“her favorite DVD EVER!”), and wrote 3 double-spaced pages that we edited together this afternoon. She watched episodes multiple times, with subtitles, and paused and looked up dialogue she didn’t understand. She said she normally doesn’t like to write but laughed out loud while writing her given assignment with an angle I suggested.  We shared a lot of laughs while discussing characters on the show and going over her paper, and we also discussed serious aspects of politics in both the US and S Korea. For our next session she will write about a different character. When we parted this afternoon she said to me, “Pam – you are very precious to me.” Wow.

“Our primary activities during our meetings have been chatting, reading, discussing multiple issues, and writing – all the while (gently) correcting her when she uses a word incorrectly. She very much appreciates being told when/how to use a word and how to phrase certain expressions. She writes down how words are used differently under different circumstances and with what other words they are used, depending on what she wants to say. And she reviews her journal in between our sessions!

Justine kept her edited essay so that she can review it later. She’s keeping a journal in which we write down anything she didn’t already understand, and she obviously reviews it afterwards and remembers a lot, making a point to demonstrate her mastery of certain things we’ve discussed. She is a gem.”

If Pam’s account impresses you or inspires you, please consider becoming a tutor for the Volunteer English Program.  Visit our website or call us for more information.

Thank you to Pam!